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Problems with Flat Roofing

May Houses have a flat roof - it could be a kitchen extension, a bedroom dormer or a garage. Most of these will traditionally have been roofed in felt and some in GRP.

Many will be in a bad state of repair.

Sunlight, weather and temperate change all contribute to certain failure. Fat roofs encourage the growth of lichens and mould and develop bad drainage. Perimeters, abutments with walls, outlets through the roof, incorrect falls and blocked gutters all contribute to leaks and failures. Some materials are quite unsuitable and cannot breathe.
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our flat roofing projects.

Click the image to take a look to see how the above Roof looks after our flat roofing system has been applied to it!

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shots of the Masonic lodge building, Inverness

Fibre Glass Roofing

Although an older method of Roofing we
are still able to offer Fibre Glass roofing as
an alternative to the new PVC surfaces.

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The Solution...Replacement Flat Roofing

Highland Roofline use the latest technology and proven products to solve the flat roofing problems which worry so many homeowners.

You already know how PVC can be used to protect windows, soffits and facias - no longer do they require regular painting. These same materials can change your Flat Roof in the same way.

We have used the latest roofing membranes on both domestic and non-domestic projects throughout the Highlands, and the system is suitable for everything from Supermarkets, Hospitals, Office Blocks, Schools, Large residential developments - anything with a flat roof!

The roofing methods we use have the following benefits: 
100% maintenance free
Flexibility in low temperatures
Breathable membrane means no blisters
Resistance to extremes of temperature
Resistance to puncturing and mechanical damage
Flexibility to structural movement
Resistance to bacterial growth
Resistance to sunlight and ultraviolet damage
Hot air welded seams are stronger than the membrane

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